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Kazakhstan is one of the most stable and fast growing economies in Central Asia. The country´s economic growth accelerated in 2017 and 2018 and is expected to continue.
The Government’s strategic goal is to become a top-30 global economy by 2050, an aim consistently supported by numerous State programs.
One Belt One Road: Kazakhstan is becoming a key transit hub between Asia and Europe, and is in the process of implementing a range of ambitious infrastructure projects. The centrality of Kazakhstan to the world´s largest investment project is likely to transform the country over the next decade.
Kazyna Capital Management (KCM) aims to promote the sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan through promoting and attracting private equity investment, particularly into infrastructure.
Kazakhstan Infrastructure Fund (KIF)
Through applying our business model to the Kazakhstan Infrastructure Fund, VPE has positioned itself as the window for international funds to invest into Kazakhstan and the One Belt One Road initiative.
VPE Capital construction of Khorgos Dry Port
Khorgos is planned to become the world´s largest dry port, and the main transportation and logistics hub connecting China with Europe through Central Asia along the trade highway under the umbrella of China´s Belt and Road Initiative. In 2018, KIF built a consortium to finance and develop the first Grade A warehouses on the Kazakh side of the border. Utilising VPE Capital´s experience and contacts in the sector, 23,000 square meters of space was built on time to meet the contract to a government owned transportation company.
KIF Investment Themes

Russia and Kazakhstan benefit from increased trade turnover as part of the growing momentum of Belt Road Initiative

In this region, there is a shortage of and demand for quality transport and logistics infrastructure

Kazakhstan is located next to major global markets and consumers such as China, Eurasian Economic Union and Central Asia


Over 200 state-owned companies will go on sale following the State’s initiative to increase market efficiency

Large wave privatisation presents an opportunity to acquire some of the largest players in a range of different sectors

Consumer Spending Growth

The middle class and related consumer spending is growing in Kazakhstan

Above-market growth of successful producers and retailers, consolidating market share


Exporters benefit from currency devaluation

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